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Screen saver option?

Hi. So far I like this app, more than other similar ones I've been trying. One issue though: It would be nice if there was the option to allow the screen to turn right off when the app is running. I use it in my car with a cheap Bluetooth receiver, playing podcasts and receiving/sending texts. If I want the screen off completely to save battery, I have to hit the home button, which then pauses the audio. On other apps I've tried, the screen still turned off with the audio playing, but messages would still be received and read. Could this be an option? Thanks

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Thanks for the feedback.  We will look into this for an upcoming release.

In version 1.0, some new power management options have been implemented that allow the screen to be dimmed while the app is running.  The screen is then restored to normal brightness automatically when a new call or message arrives, or when a voice command is given.


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