Version 2 is now available - with many new features

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of version 2 of Ultimate Driving Mode. This release includes many new features:

Support for the voice command button available in some cars. Press the button once to start the app. Press again to say a voice command.

You can now talk to Google Assistant or Bixby if supported by your phone. Just say a command such as "Open Google" or "Start Bixby". Google or Bixby will then prompt you for a voice command.

If you opt to not have incoming messages read automatically, the text message button will flash to alert you about the unread message.

When using split-screen mode, the app will now display the text of an incoming text message.

When Alexa is speaking, the app will display information about what is being said, such as the current title and chapter of the Kindle book being read.

Support is now included for named timers and reminders with Alexa, along with repeating alarms.

In the settings area, you can configure Alexa to have a US or UK accent.
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