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Amazon Music

I use Amazon Music a lot now because of Alexa and Echo devices and the fact that millions of songs are free for Prime members. I think lots of new UDM users will be in the same situation since you promote Alexa compatibility (even though you don't use Alexa for Amazon Music control). My request is better control and compatibility with Amazon Music. I can set up linking but I can never get it to successfully complete voice command to play playlists or artists. It trys but fails. Thanks for a great app. Pro User
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Hi Mark,

We would love to provide better compatibility with Amazon Music, but unfortunately the issues are on Amazon's side and out of our control. Android has a standard interface that allows music and media apps to be controlled, and it's up to the app's developer to determine what features they want to support. Unfortunately, Amazon Music currently accepts basic commands only, such as play, pause, and next track.


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