Trigger Phrase: For these, say your standard trigger phrase first ("Hello Android" by default).

Supported Apps: In addition to the standard SMS/MMS service provided by your cellular carrier, add-ons are available that support Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Hangouts.

Important Information for Hangouts Users: The app uses the same system as Android Wear for reading and replying to messages.  For Hangouts messaging to work, you will need to install the Android Wear app from Google Play.  You do not need a watch, and do not even need to open the Android Wear app.

Sending Text Messages:

  • "Text [Jane Doe]." (for standard SMS/MMS)
  • "Text [202-555-0123]." (using a phone number instead of a name)
  • "Text [Jane Doe] using [WhatsApp]."
  • "Text [Jane Doe] using [Twitter]." (for a direct message)

Multiple Contacts:

  • For standard SMS/MMS, separate the names with the word "and":
    "Text [Jane Doe] and [John Smith] and [Joe Schmoe]"
  • For Facebook, WhatsApp, and Hangouts, use the group name:
    "Text [Smith Family] using [Hangouts]"

Reviewing Messages that have been Received:
  • "Read text messages." or "Read messages." (for standard SMS/MMS)
  • "Read [Facebook Messenger] messages."

Reading and Replying to Incoming Messages:
  • Unless disabled in the settings, the app will automatically read out an incoming message and give you the option to reply.