Trigger Phrase: For these, say your standard trigger phrase first ("Hello Android" by default).

Both incoming and outgoing calls are automatically routed though your vehicle's Bluetooth system if connected.  Otherwise, the phone's speakerphone is used.

Making a Call:

  • "Call [Jane Doe]."
  • "Call [202-555-0123]."

Receiving a Call:

  • Unless disabled in the settings, the app will announce the name of an incoming caller, and ask you whether you want to answer or ignore the call.
  • If a Bluetooth device is connected, the app will allow that device to handle an incoming call by default.  If you want Ultimate Driving Mode to handle the call instead (so you can answer with a voice command), you can change the setting in the Incoming Call Handling section of the settings. You may need to experiment to determine if the Bluetooth device and Ultimate Driving Mode interfere with each other when handling an incoming call.