Trigger Phrase: For these, say your standard trigger phrase first ("Hello Android" by default).

Bluetooth Control:

  • "Connect Bluetooth." - Connects to the Bluetooth device specified in the Startup section of the settings.
  • "Disconnect Bluetooth." - Disconnects from the connected Bluetooth device.

Switching to Another App:

  • Say "go to the background" to switch to the last app that was running before Ultimate Driving Mode was brought to the foreground.  For example, this can be used in combination with a navigation app. If a text message comes in while navigating, Ultimate Driving Mode will be brought to the front to allow you to handle the message. When you are finished with the message, you can use this command to return to your navigation app.

Keeping Ultimate Driving Mode in the Foreground:
  • Say "go to the foreground", "stay in front", or something similar, to keep Ultimate Driving Mode on top / in the foreground.  Use this command if the app has been running in the background and you need to keep it on top in order to access its touchscreen commands.

Integration With Ultimate To-Do List:
  • Ultimate To-Do List is our to-do list manager app, which includes a voice mode to create, update, and read out tasks / to-do items.
  • Say "New Task" or "Ultimate To-Do List" to enter Ultimate To-Do List's voice mode.  When done, you will be automatically returned to Ultimate Driving Mode.

Returning To The Main Menu:
  • "Home"
  • "Cancel"

Exiting the App:

  • "Exit"
  • "Quit"