Trigger Phrase: For these, say your Alexa trigger phrase first ("Hello Alexa" by default).

Adjusting Settings: Alexa uses a separate app and web site to configure settings for news, weather, sports, and traffic. You can download the Alexa app from Google Play or visit


  • "Flash briefing." - Gives you a summary of today's news.  Swipe left and right to go to the previous or next story.


  • "What's the weather."
  • "What's the weather for [tomorrow]?"
  • "What's the weather for [Saturday]?"
  • "What's the weather for [July 23rd]?"
  • "Will it [rain] [tomorrow]?"
  • "What's the weather in [Washington, DC]?"


  • "Sports update." - A quick summary of how your favorite teams have done.
  • "What was the score of the [Cubs] game?"
  • "Who is winning the [Cubs] game?"


  • "What's my commute look like?"
  • "What’s traffic like right now?"