Alarms versus Timers:

In Ultimate Driving Mode, alarms will interrupt you and make noise even if your phone has its screen off and is in silent mode. When a timer expires, it appears as a notification in your notification area.  You can configure the sound and vibrate patterns for alarms and timers in Ultimate Driving Mode's settings area.

Important Limitations:

Ultimate Driving Mode does not support repeating alarms. Use the app for one-time alarms only.

Trigger Phrase: For these, say your Alexa trigger phrase first ("Hello Alexa" by default).

Setting up Alarms:

  • "Set an alarm for [tomorrow at 8 AM]."
  • "Set an alarm for [3 hours] from now."

Checking Alarm status:

  • "What time is my alarm set for."
  • "What alarms do I have for [tomorrow]."

Cancel an Alarm:

  • "Cancel the alarm for [tomorrow at 8 AM]."

Setting and Checking on Timers:

  • "Set a timer for [5 minutes]."
  • "Set the timer for [5:30 PM]."
  • "How much time is left on my timer?"