Trigger Phrase: For these, say your Alexa trigger phrase first ("Hello Alexa" by default).


  • "Who is [Barack Obama]?"
  • "Who is [the Secretary of State]?"
  • "Who is [the CEO of]?"


  • "When is [Thanksgiving]?"
  • "When did [the Gettysburg Address] happen?"

TV Shows and Movies:

  • "Who stars in the TV show [The Big Bang Theory]?"
  • "What year did [Star Wars] come out?"
  • "What movies are playing?"
  • "What movies are playing [tomorrow]?"
  • "When is [Star Trek: Beyond] playing?"
  • "What movies are playing at [AMC Theaters]?"

  • "Who sings the song [Thriller]?"
  • "Who is in the band [The Beatles]?"
  • "What year did [Michael Jackson] release [Thriller]?"

  • "What is [2 plus 2]?"
  • "What is [57 times 75]?"
  • "How do you spell [antidisestablishmentarianism]?"
  • "What is the definition of [antidisestablishmentarianism]?"
  • "How many [miles] are in [4 kilometers]?"
  • "What is the distance between [New York] and [Los Angeles]?"
  • "What is the elevation of [Denver]?"
  • "What is the capital of [Maryland]?"
  • "What states border [Illinois]?"
  • "What countries border [Canada]?"

General Information:
  • "What time is it?"
  • "What time is it in [New York]?"
  • "How many calories are in [a donut]?"
  • "Wikipedia: [Barack Obama]"
  • "Tell me a joke."