Trigger Phrase: For these, say your standard trigger phrase first ("Hello Android" by default).

Sending a Tweet:

  • "Send tweet."
  • "Post a tweet."
  • "New tweet."

When composing a tweet, you cannot include the screen name of a user (for example, @JaneDoe). However, you can include hash tags. Just say the word "hash tag" followed by the hash tag name. All words after the word "hash tag" will be included.  For example, saying "This is a tweet from hash tag Ultimate Driving Mode." results in the tweet "This is a tweet from #UltimateDrivingMode". To include multiple hash tags in a message, compose the message using multiple phrases, using the "add text" voice command to add each new phrase.

Reading Tweets From Your Timeline:

  • "Read tweets."
  • "Review my timeline."

By default, tweets from your timeline are read automatically, without any button presses needed to advance to the next tweet. To reply, retweet, or like a tweet, just tap on the pause button and then use a voice command (preceded by the trigger phrase) or one of the on-screen buttons. If you don't want the tweets read automatically, you can adjust a setting in the Twitter section of the settings.

Sending a Direct Message:

  • "Send a Twitter message to [Jane Doe]."
  • "Text [Jane Doe] using Twitter."

In order to send a direct message, the receiver of the message must follow you. The app keeps a local copy of your followers list, which is synchronized every time it starts. If you have a large number of followers, it may take several minutes or several hours for a new follower to become available for messaging.

Receiving Direct Messages:

In order for direct messages to be automatically read out as they arrive, the Twitter Android app must be installed and have notifications for direct messages enabled. Due to limitations imposed by Twitter, if the message is a group message you can only reply to it immediately after it arrives. Group messages cannot be replied-to at a later time.

Reading Direct Messages:

  • "Read my Twitter messages."
  • "Read my direct messages."

Currently, Twitter's interface with third-party apps does not support group messaging, so the app will only read out messages sent directly to you.